7 Allegiance Transportation Services (ATS)

Allegiance Transportation Services (ATS)
offers rural weekday shuttle services between North Grenville and Ottawa and are affiliated with OC Transpo Regional Partners through route 543

Phone: 613-761-ATSK(2875)
Email: ATSKemptville@gmail.com
Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM (except holidays)

Why ride with Allegiance Transportation Services?

Reduced stress

Reduced emissions

Chance to rest/sleep

Catch up on work...yeah, really!

Use hand-held devices

Reduced vehicle wear and tear

Monthly - $330

Provides an individual weekday access to all ATS routes for the calendar month purchased. Monthly passes are to be pre-purchased 3 business days prior to the beginning of the month they are intended to be used for.

10-Ride - $150

Provides 10 one-way trips for an individual on available ATS route(s). Notification of use and payment to be provided at least 3 business days prior to use.

One-way - $18

Provides one-way trip for an individual on an available route. Notification of use to be provided at least 3 business days prior to use and payment is due before or at boarding.

Payment Methods

ATS will accept payments in the following forms: Cash (exact change), e-Transfer or cheque payable to Allegiance Transportation Services

No Service

-- 2023 ---

  • April 7-10 (Easter)
  • May 22 (Victoria Day)
  • July 7 (Canada Day)
  • August 7 (Civic Holiday)
  • September 4 (Labour Day)
  • October 9 (Thanksgiving)
  • November 11 (Remembrance Day)
  • December 25-26 (Christmas/Boxing Day)

--- 2024 ---

  • January 1 (New Year)

Reduced Commuter Service

--- 2023 ---

  • December 22 (Christmas Holidays - Early departure @ 1:00PM)
  • December 27-29 (Christmas Holidays)

--- 2024 ---

  • February 19 (Family Day)
Time Kemptville Departure Locations Time
--- Food Basics [free parking] ---
5:20AM Maley St./Bridge St. ---
5:21AM Bridge St./Parkinson St. ---
5:22AM Van Buren St./Jack St. ---
5:23AM Prescott St./Asa St. ---
5:24AM B&H Grocer - Rideau St. ---
5:30AM NG Municipal Centre [free parking] ---
Time Ottawa Arrival Locations Time
--- Pinecrest ---
6:15AM Tunney's Pasture ---
6:18AM Bayview O-Train ---
6:20AM Albert St./Booth St. ---
6:22AM Slater St./Bronson Ave. ---
6:23AM Slater St./Kent St. ---
6:25AM Slater St./O'Connor St. ---
Time Ottawa Departure Locations Time
4:15PM Albert St./Bank St. ---
4:16PM Albert St./Bronson Ave. ---
4:17PM Albert St./Booth St. ---
4:18PM Bayview O-Train ---
4:20PM Tunney's Pasture ---
--- Pinecrest ---
Time Kemptville Arrival Locations Time
5:15PM NG Municipal Centre [free parking] ---
5:20PM Maley St./Bridge St. ---
5:21PM Bridge St./Parkinson St. ---
5:23PM Van Burren St./Jack St. ---
5:25PM Prescott St./Asa St. ---
5:27PM BH Grocer - Rideau St. ---
--- Food Basics [free parking] ---